[Lustre-discuss] OpenSFS Lustre Community Telecon Meeting...Tuesday Feb 1, 2011 9-10am Pacific...517-308-1709 Participant code: 5282795

Norman Morse Norman.Morse at OpenSFS.org
Mon Jan 31 21:45:59 PST 2011

*Dear Lustre Community,

A reminder and an invitation to join us for the regularly scheduled OpenSFS
Lustre Community Telecon Meeting meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) to discuss
OpenSFS status and activities.  Please let me know if others should be added
to the distribution list.

With best regards,


*OpenSFS Lustre Community Telecon Meeting
Tuesday Feb 1, 2011  9-10am Pacific
517-308-1709 Participant code: 5282795*



OpenSFS path forward in light of changes in Lustre support environment.

LUG2011 update

OpenSFS Working Group Reports - WG Face-to-face meeting in Chicago last week

Feedback from the community - status of organizations in due diligence for
joining OpenSFS

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