[Lustre-discuss] inode tuning on shared mdt/mgs

Aaron Everett aeverett at forteds.com
Fri Jul 1 11:03:39 PDT 2011

Hi list,

I'm trying to increase the number of inodes available on our shared mdt/mgs.
I've tried reformatting using the following:

 mkfs.lustre --fsname fdfs --mdt --mgs --mkfsoptions="-i 2048" --reformat

The number of inodes actually decreased when I specified -i 2048 vs. leaving
the number at default.

We have a large number of smaller files, and we're nearing our inode limit
on our mdt/mgs. I'm trying to find a solution before simply expanding the
RAID on the server. Since there is plenty of disk space, changing the bytes
per inode seemed like a simple solution.

>From the docs:

Alternately, if you are specifying an absolute number of inodes, use
the-N <number
of inodes> option. You should not specify the -i option with an inode ratio
below one inode per 1024 bytes in order to avoid unintentional mistakes.
Instead, use the -N option.

What is the format of the -N flag, and how should I calculate the number to
use? Thanks for your help!

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