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First, thanks for your quick replay.

On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 11:37 PM, Cliff White <cliffw at whamcloud.com> wrote:

> The case=network part of obdfilter_survey has really been replaced by
> lnet_selftest.
> I don't think it's been maintained in awhile.
> It would be best to repeat the network-only test with lnet_selftest, this
> is likely an issue with
> the script.
> cliffw
I used the lnet self test and got  reasonable results
Numbers obtained with concurrency = 1

 [LNet Rates of servers]
 [R] Avg: 3556     RPC/s Min: 3556     RPC/s Max: 3556     RPC/s
 [W] Avg: 4742     RPC/s Min: 4742     RPC/s Max: 4742     RPC/s
 [LNet Bandwidth of servers]
 [R] Avg: 1185.72  MB/s  Min: 1185.72  MB/s  Max: 1185.72  MB/s
 [W] Avg: 1185.72  MB/s  Min: 1185.72  MB/s  Max: 1185.72  MB/s

The question is what is the meaning of the concurrency=1 flag. Does it mean
a single thread at the client
or a sigle thread per core??

My problem is with the case=netdisk that gives me low performance for single
thread (the dd case).
(as well as with the ost_survey case).

Is the case=netdisk a valid test ??

I am trying to isolate the problem and the case=netdisk alows me to avoid
accessing the mds (right?)

Any Idea??

Lior Amar, Ph.D.
Cluster Logic Ltd --> The Art of HPC
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