[Lustre-discuss] how to add force_over_8tb to MDS

Theodore Omtzigt theo at stillwater-sc.com
Thu Jul 14 10:15:56 PDT 2011

I configured a Lustre file system on a collection of storage servers 
that have 12TB raw devices. I configured a combined MGS/MDS with the 
default configuration. On the OSTs however I added the force_over_8tb to 
the mountfsoptions.

Two part question:
1- do I need to set that parameter on the MGS/MDS server as well
2- if yes, how do I properly add this parameter on this running Lustre 
file system (100TB on 9 storage servers)

I can't resolve the ambiguity in the documentation as I can't find a 
good explanation of the configuration log mechanism that is being 
referenced in the man pages. The fact that the doc for --writeconf 
states "This is very dangerous", I am hesitant to pull the trigger as 
there is 60TB of data on this file system that I rather not lose.

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