[Lustre-discuss] lustre ofed compatibility

Edward Walter ewalter at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Jun 1 09:03:04 PDT 2011

Hi List,

We're getting ready to upgrade the OS/software  stack on one of our 
clusters and I'm looking at which Lustre and OFED versions will work best.

It looks like the changelog for 1.8.4 and the compatibility matrix have 
conflicting information.

The Lustre compatibility matrix indicates that on Lustre 1.8.4; the 
highest OFED revision with o2iblnd support is 1.4.2:

The changelog for 1.8.4 indicates that o2iblnd is supported with OFED 1.5.1:

Can someone clarify whether 1.8.4 supports o2iblnd with OFED 1.5.1?  Are 
there any pitfalls to this configuration?  Has anyone found any 
instabilities with this configuration?

Thanks much.

-Ed Walter
Carnegie Mellon University

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