[Lustre-discuss] Has anyone built 1.8.5 on Centos 5.6?

Peter Kjellström cap at nsc.liu.se
Tue Jun 7 02:24:47 PDT 2011

On Thursday, June 02, 2011 05:33:40 AM Christopher Walker wrote:
> Hi,
> What testing have these builds gone through?  I was thinking about using
> one of these to get around LU-274, but I was under the impression that
> these weren't as thoroughly tested as the proper releases are.

We decided to get around LU-274 by rebuilding 1.8.5(final) with only the 
LU-274 patch and are now running this in production. If you're interested in 
detailed instructions or packages ping me off-list.

> This build system is fantastic, BTW.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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