[Lustre-discuss] $MOUNT2 in acc-sm

Jay Lan jay.zen.lan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 14:58:44 PDT 2011

Jay Lan wrote:
> Hi,
> I set up my lustre/tests from git tree tag
> The SANITYN passed all its tests but failed in pre-test
> setup at sanity_mount_check_clients.
> I have MOUNT and MOUNT2 defined.
> The sanityn.sh mkdir'ed $MOUNT2 and mounted MDS:$MOUNT
> to client's $MOUNT2. A later run in sanity_mount_check_clients
> thus failed on $MOUNT since it was a $MOUNT mounted on
> $MOUNT2.  What configuration did I screw up to cause this
> type of problem? What the $MOUNT2 is for in sanityN?

I found my problem!

I defined MOUNT=/mnt/nbp0 and MOUNT2=/mnt/nbp0-2.
Bad idea!!!

The sanity_mount_check* scripts use `grep` to search for
$MOUNT and $MOUNT2. Since $MOUNT is a substring
of $MOUNT2, `grep` on situations return wrong count!


> Regards,
> Jay

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