[Lustre-discuss] Path lost when accessing files

styr at free.fr styr at free.fr
Thu Jun 16 03:17:12 PDT 2011

Hi Lustre users,

we actually a little problems with jobs running on our cluster and using Lustre. Sometimes, we have these errors : 
forrtl: No such file or directory
    forrtl: severe (29): file not found, unit 213, file �@/suivi.d000

It does not only happen with forttl but also sometimes with other files. It tries to access a file located at : �@/suivi.d000. We also had errors when he was trying to access files like there were at the root of the FS, in this example /suivi.d000.

It's like it was loosing or corrupting the PWD environment variable.

The funny thing is that when we execute this same job again, it works perfectly. We didn't succeed in reproducing the errors but they still happens from time to time.

I didn't find any Lustre errors in my logs related the these problems.

We're using Lustre 1.8.5 on SLES 11SP1 nodes, and SLES 10 OSS and MDS.

Do you have any clue?


Jay N.

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