[Lustre-discuss] lfs quotacheck -ug /lfs01/ sleeps

Mohamed Adel Mohamed.Adel at bibalex.org
Thu Jun 16 03:54:50 PDT 2011

Dear Ashley,

Thanks for your quick response.
> This is correct, look for a kernel process called "quotacheck" on the Lustre servers, when all those threads have exited then lfs should also exit.  As came up yesterday this could take a few tens of minutes.

Issuing "ps aux | grep quotacheck" command on all lustre servers (mds and oss) didn't show any "quotacheck" process running though "lfs quotacheck" is still sleeping on the client from which I issued the "lfs quotacheck". Does that mean the processes has finished? or something else went wrong?

thanks in advance,

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