[Lustre-discuss] setting a default nid when a client has multiple nids

John White jwhite at lbl.gov
Thu Jun 23 13:12:46 PDT 2011

Hello folks,
	We have an FS set up where both servers and a portion of clients have multiple NIDs (one each for IB and eth).  I'm having  problem where IB clients will fail over to the eth NID from time to time resulting in a client that has some OSTs going over tcp0 and some go over o2ib.  This is murdering our performance, as you might imagine.  Unfortunately I can't just jettison the tcp0 NID on the server side as there are legitemate tcp-only clients.  Further, I can't get rid of tcp on the client side because there are other lustre file systems that mount via tcp... Any ideas how one might control the behavior in this situation?

John White
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Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
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