[Lustre-discuss] Emptied OSTs not empty

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Mon Jun 27 03:50:44 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I am currently moving off files of a number of OSTs - some in a machine with a predicted hardware 
failure, some for decommissioning old hardware etc. I'm deactivating the OSTs on the MDS, then "lfs 
find  --obd OSTXXXX_UUID /dir" to create a list of file to migrate.
When finished, the OST partitions are still up to 14% full! Mounting as ldiskfs, I can inspect the 
data in O/0/d??, which all seem to be valid files, text files readable, ownership and atimes 
meaningfull etc.
Since these OSTs have been deactivated on the clients also, nobody has complained about missing files 
- although this could just mean that our users keep Terabytes of old junk they don't access any more.
So I wonder where these files belong to or why they are not missing. There were no severe crashes of 
the system in the recent past which could have caused major memory loss of the MDT.
Something to worry about? Global lfs_check necessary?

Perhaps I will do some "du" runs. Users want this info anyhow, and if I just missed the files in the 
"lfs find" run, they should show up as errors here.


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