[Lustre-discuss] Parallel Directory Operations, Solution Architecture

Richard Henwood rhenwood at whamcloud.com
Fri Oct 28 13:30:29 PDT 2011

Hi All,

OpenSFS and Whamcloud began work a couple of months ago to deliver
high-priority enhancements to Lustre for the community. The Parallel
Directory Operations project is most advanced and I am posting the
solution architecture to invite feedback:

For those of you attending SC11: There will be a presentation on
Parallel Directory Operations at the The Lustre Community Pavilion
[1]. I encourage you to attend - the lead engineer will be presenting
the topic and the most recent results.

With best regards,
Richard Henwood (Whamcloud)
Dave Dillow (OpenSFS)

1.  Tuesday Nov 15- 2pm (booth 4208): Preliminary Results from the
Single Server Metadata Performance for OpenSFS contract. Liang Zhen,
Whamcloud Inc.
Richard.Henwood at whamcloud.com
Whamcloud Inc.
tel: +1 512 410 9612

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