[Lustre-discuss] erroneous ENOSPC -28

Gretchen Zwart zwart at astro.umass.edu
Mon Apr 23 08:18:02 PDT 2012

Debian 5.0
2.6.26-2-amd64 SMP (SLES 11)

Lustre clients are getting ENOSPC -28 error messages but 'lfs df'
results indicate that OSTs are no more than 50% full. This looks like
it could be related to Bug 22755.
What is the best way to nail down if this is the cause? I'm in the
upgrade process, but I'd also like to know what is the fastest/best
method to restore lustre functionality should I encounter this again.
Gretchen Zwart
UMass Astronomy Dept. 619E Lederle
710 North Pleasant ST
Amherst,MA 01003
(413) 577-2108

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