[Lustre-discuss] Lustre with ubuntu 12.04 lts?

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Wed Aug 29 05:54:23 PDT 2012

Hello Andreas,

Can you please guide me in patching ubuntu 10.04 kernel with lustre 
patches, as i am trying to build lustre on ubuntu 10.04 server. Did you 
compile the source by applying the required patches?? Please help me in 
building it as it is very crucial for me.

Thank you,

Sandeep Reddy G

On Wednesday, 15 August 2012 01:53:51 UTC+5:30, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> On 2012-08-14, at 10:52 AM, Jason Brooks wrote: 
> > I have a series of client systems which are running ubuntu 10.04 LTS, 
> and lustre 1.8.  I have been asked to look into ubuntu 12.04.  The first 
> thing I noticed though is that this version of ubuntu uses kernel version 
> 3.x.   
> > 
> > I expect I can always backport to kernel 2.6.x, but it begs the 
> question: will the lustre kernel modules load in kernel 3.x? 
> The current Lustre master branch at Whamcloud has patches (landed or in 
> progress) that allow client modules to compile against 3.x kernels.  I 
> believe all of the 3.0 kernel patches are landed, and there are 3.1 - 3.3 
> patches under review. 
> I don't think there has been any testing reports for Ubuntu 12 yet, so I 
> suspect you'll have to make some improvements to the "make debs" target for 
> newer changes in the Debian/Ubuntu build system.  Progress reports and 
> patches (as needed) are of course appreciated. 
> Cheers, Andreas 
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> Andreas Dilger                       Whamcloud, Inc. 
> Principal Lustre Engineer            http://www.whamcloud.com/ 
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