[Lustre-discuss] Applications of Lustre - streaming?

Arden Wiebe albert682 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 8 01:07:06 PST 2012

Lustre works great for a Zoneminder installation.  Zoneminder has no problems recording indefinitely on four different cameras to the Lustre mount point.  Plus I can view it remotely though a virtual session at 30fps on all four cameras for as long as necessary.

+1 for Mythtv and Lustre.  Can't beat a recording indefinitely on eight different tuners to 8TB of space.  Seems to take a long time to fill up that much space with the audio and video.  Works great for archiving all my movies and audio tracks.  

Backup and redundancy in my case comes from another box with 4 2TB drives raided together.  I copy big files around 105Mb/s and smaller ones like .frm files from database directories in their own good time mainly because there seems to be hundreds of thousands of them.  

I even take Lustre on the road with Mythtv and Zoneminder running in the Coach.  Works great for providing entertainment along the way and providing over the road security from all four sides as I'm travelling.  Plus it captures some nice videos and stills of the memories.
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