[Lustre-discuss] How smart is Lustre?

Jason Brooks brookjas at ohsu.edu
Wed Dec 19 09:36:00 PST 2012


I am building a 2.3.x filesystem right now, and I am looking at setting up some active-active failover abilities to my oss's.  I have been looking at Dell's md3xxx arrays, as they have redundant controllers, and allow up to four hosts to connect to each controller.

I can see how linux multi-path can be used with redundant disk controllers.  I can even (slightly) understand how lustre fails over when an oss goes down.

 1.  Is lustre smart enough to use redundant paths, or failover oss's if an oss is congested?  (it would be cool, no?)
 2.  Does the linux multi-path module slow performance?
 3.  How much does a raid array such as the one listed above act as a bottleneck, say if I have as many volumes available on the raid controllers as there are oss hosts?
 4.  Are there arrays similar to Dell's model that would work?


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