[Lustre-discuss] Troubleshooting high cpu usage on osses

Andrus, Brian Contractor bdandrus at nps.edu
Mon Feb 6 08:21:13 PST 2012


I have seen others have this issue, but I am not seeing any definitive troubleshooting process for it. Does anyone have or  know of a flowchart that could help here?

We have 9 OSSes with 2 OSTs on each. There is a particular user who, when he submits a job, tears the heck out of 2 of the OSSes. Always the same 2.
The striping is across all OSTs for the filesystem. I am trying to figure out what file(s) he is working with, but he is less than helpful for troubleshooting info, preferring to claim it is our configuration, not his code or usage.

Unfortunately, his jobs are relatively  quick (a couple minutes usually), so just to try and see what is going on I have to be fast :)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

All the Best,

Brian Andrus
ITACS/Research Computing
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, California
voice: 831-656-6238

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