[Lustre-discuss] Migrate lustre 1.8 to 2.1 recommended procedure.

Carlos Thomaz cthomaz at ddn.com
Tue Feb 7 20:32:39 PST 2012


There's a summary that briefly describes the upgrade procedure from 1.8
to2.0 (So it is possible to upgrade without formatting the underneath
filesystem from 1.8 to 2.0).
This procedure is even referenced from the Lustre 2.1 manuals, so I
guess is ok when upgrading to 2.1.

Anyways, assuming you are currently running on rh-el5, rh-el6 or sles11,
you should be able to do it.

Take a look at:

And also review this:

However, this is a major upgrade. If you are capable to run a lustre 2.1
fs in parallel and copy data across, I would go for that. Assuming you
have HA pairs for both MDS would be even possible to avoid major downtimes
but it's quite complicate and you will need to plan it very carefully
since will require a set of failovers and failbacks events, etc.


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On 2/6/12 12:47 PM, "Colin Leavett-Brown" <crlb at uvic.ca> wrote:

>What is the recommended procedure to migrate a Lustre 1.8.3 filesystem
>to Lustre 2.1? Can I install a new Linux kernel, Lustre 2.1 rpms and
>attach the OSTs? Or do  I need to create a new filesystems and copy the
>data across?
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