[Lustre-discuss] Tar on Lustre

Ronald K Long rklong at usgs.gov
Mon Feb 13 05:54:53 PST 2012

We have a setup that requires a lot of tar being used on lustre.  We see a 
drop in tar performance when going to the lustre setup.  I have searched 
and found the lustre tar 1.19.  Unfortunate this did not provide any 
improvement in the tar times.  Are there any suggestions for improving tar 
with lustre.

tar to extract a 5.2GB file on to the lustre system - 3m22s
tar to extract the same 5.2GB file on to local disk - 1m06s

tat to create a 5.2GB tar file on the lustre system - 4m10s
tar to create the same 5.2GB file on to local disk - 2m21s


Lustre 1.8.4
4 - OSS servers 
2- 2.5TB OST's per OSS
10Gbe Network

Thank you

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