[Lustre-discuss] FW: [Lustre-community] Create directory where files get striped over the same set of OSTs

Kshitij Mehta kmehta at cs.uh.edu
Mon Feb 13 10:23:28 PST 2012

Hi Colin,
We have Lustre 1.6.7, so OST pools is not available on it.
I had the following suggestion from someone which I am going to try out:

> In that case, you can set the striping on the directory in question to
> start at OST index 0 with a stripe_count of 8 and create your files in
> that directory.  This should This will stripe all the files over 8 OSTs,
> but it will probably get you close to what you want for testing purposes.
> Here's a quick guide:
> http://www.nics.tennessee.edu/node/311
> You'll want something like this:
> lfs setstripe<directory>  -s<stripe_size>  -i 0 -c 8
> The round robin allocated should keep you in the first 8 OSTs but be
> careful that you don't switch to the weighted allocator when you start
> filling up your OSTs.


On 02/13/2012 11:15 AM, Colin Faber wrote:
> Hi Kshitij,
> If you're using  a reasonably modern Lustre you can use the OST pools
> feature. This allows you to assign certain OST's to certain
> files/directories.
> see 'OST Pools' in the operations manual for more information.
> -cf
> On 02/13/2012 09:56 AM, Kevin Canady wrote:
>> More appropriate mail list for this question.
>> Cheers,
>> Kevin
>> On 2/9/12 3:24 PM, "Kshitij Mehta"<kmehta at cs.uh.edu>   wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> My lustre installation has a total of 64 OSTs and I have created a
>>> directory that has been configured over 8 OSTs.
>>> However, files in this directory get striped over different OSTs. For
>>> example,
>>> file 1 might get striped over OSTs 0 thru 7, whereas file 2 might get
>>> striped over OSTs 8 thru 15.
>>> How can I configure a directory so that files in it get striped across
>>> the *same* set of OSTs?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Kshitij Mehta
>>> PhD candidate
>>> Parallel Software Technologies Lab (pstl.cs.uh.edu)
>>> Dept. of Computer Science
>>> University of Houston
>>> Houston, Texas, USA
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Kshitij Mehta
PhD Candidate
Parallel Software Technologies Lab (http://pstl.cs.uh.edu)
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Houston
Texas, USA

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