[Lustre-discuss] accessing different Lustre filesystems using different network interconnects

Thomas Zeiser thomas.zeiser at rrze.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Feb 16 03:21:03 PST 2012


we have two clusters (let's call them A and B); each with a "local"
Infiniband network and a Lustre filesystem. Both clusters can see
each other via GBit Ethernet but not via Infiniband.

We'd now like to mount Lustre-A on the login node A via Infiniband
(o2ib) but in addition also Lustre-B via GBit Ethernet (eth0).
(And vice versa on the login node of B.)
However, even if the initial connect of login-A to Lustre-B is
initiated via eth-NID it gets the IB-NID back from the MDS
and subsequently tries to reach the MDS/OSS via Infiniband; but
there is no physical connection between the two Infiniband networks.

Any ideas/suggestions? Except also accessing Lustre-A from login-A
only via GBit Ethernet, i.e. loading lnet without support for o2ib.

Thanks for your help,

Thomas Zeiser
Erlangen Regional Computing Center (RRZE)
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

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