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Barberi, Carl E carl.e.barberi at lmco.com
Tue Feb 21 05:26:44 PST 2012

I am using QDR IB and I am not using any IB extenders.  This is a self-contained network, with no access outside of the lab it is currently in.


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It does seem extreme for data center IB latency but it may not be in the data center.  The LNet write should take 2 RTT latencies, and 3 for reads so you could double/triple those times plus any overhead.

Carl can you clarify if you are using QDR IB and/or any campus or wide area IB extenders?

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 8:14 PM, Kevin Van Maren <KVanMaren at fusionio.com<mailto:KVanMaren at fusionio.com>> wrote:
While it's possible the default credits (8 as I recall) is not enough for peak performance, it seems to me that something else is wrong:
Each 1MB RPC should take ~300uS (based on MPI/IB xfer rates of 3.2+ GB/s), so that means there is another 400uS overhead per RPC that is not masked with 8 concurrent RPCs, in addition to the overhead masked when he increased concurrency.  This is crazy, with a 1uS network latency.

Unless the RPCs are are being broken into tiny chunks or something -- does lnet do single-page xfers and not use a rendezvous protocol for full-sized RPCs?  It definitely seems that something is broken when o2iblnd gets ~1/3 of the MPI BW, given that lnd was designed for high-speed xfers.

The max_rpcs_in_flight normally needs tweaking to improve disk concurrency, where a single client needs to drive a high queue depth. Still finding it hard to believe 8 1MB concurrent RPCs can't handle the network.


On Feb 20, 2012, at 5:44 PM, "Jeremy Filizetti" <jeremy.filizetti at gmail.com<mailto:jeremy.filizetti at gmail.com>> wrote:
Am I reading your earlier post correctly that you have a single server acting as the MDS and OSS?  Have you changed your peer_credits and credits for ko2iblnd kernel module on the server and client?  You also mentioned changing osc.*.max_dirty_mb, you probably need to adjust osc.*.max_rpcs_in_flight as well.  Can you post your rpc stats "lctl get_param osc.*.rpc_stats"?  I would guess they are bunching up around 7-8 if your running with the default max_rpcs_in_flight=8.


On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 4:59 PM, Barberi, Carl E <carl.e.barberi at lmco.com<mailto:carl.e.barberi at lmco.com>> wrote:
Thank you.   This did help.  With the concurrency set to 16, I was able to get a max write speed of 1138 MB/s.  Any ideas on how we can make that faster, though?  Ideally, we'd like to get to 1.5 GB/s.


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Hi, I assume you are using "size=1M" for brw test right? performance could increase if you set "concurrency" while adding brw test, i.e: --concurrency=16


On Feb 16, 2012, at 3:30 AM, Barberi, Carl E wrote:

We are having issues with LNET performance over Infiniband.  We have a configuration with a single MDT and six (6) OSTs.  The Lustre client I am using to test is configured to use 6 stripes (lfs setstripe -c  6 /mnt/lustre).  When I perform a test using the following command:

                dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/lustre/test.dat bs=1M count=2000

I typically get a write rate of about 815 MB/s, and we never exceed 848 MB/s.  When I run obdfilter-survey, we easily get about 3-4GB/s write speed, but when I run a series of lnet-selftests, the read and write rates range from 850MB/s - 875MB/s max.  I have performed the following optimizations to increase the data rate:

On the Client:
lctl set_param osc.*.checksums=0
lctl set_param osc.*.max_dirty_mb=256

On the OSTs
lctl set_param obdfilter.*.writethrough_cache_enable=0
lctl set_param obdfilter.*.read_cache_enable=0

echo 4096 > /sys/block/<devices>/queue/nr_requests

I have also loaded the ib_sdp module, which also brought an increase in speed.  However, we need to be able to record at no less than 1GB/s, which we cannot achieve right now.  Any thoughts on how I can optimize LNET, which clearly seems to be the bottleneck?

Thank you for any help you can provide,
Carl Barberi
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