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On 12-01-19 8:00 AM, Charland, Denis wrote:
>> As in "there are some different patches in our 1.8.7-wc1 release than in Oracle's 1.8.7 release, because we made>  our 1.8.7-wc1 release on Oct 31, 3 months after our 1.8.6-wc1 release, but Oracle just tagged their 1.8.7 release>  this week".
>> We do monitor each others releases to keep the patch differential to a minimum.
> This means that you include bug fixes from Oracle into the Whamcloud release. Since they are not listed in the Changelog file, how do we know which bug fixes from Oracle have been included in the Whamcloud release?
> I presume that Oracle also includes bug fixes from Whamcloud into their release. Is that correct?
> Denis
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