[Lustre-discuss] OSS Nodes Fencing issue in HPC

VIJESH EK ekvijesh at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 22:33:20 PST 2012


 I hope all of them are in good spirit....

*We have a four OSS servers, OSS1 to OSS4 are clustered each other*
*The Nodes are clustered with OSS1 and OSS2 , OSS3 & OSS4.*
*It was configured six months back, from the beginning itself its creacting
*an issue that one of  node is fencing the other node and its goes to the
shutdown state.*
*This problem may be happen from two to three weeks timing period.*
*In the /var/log/messages showing some errors continuously that *
*" slow start_page_write 57s due to heavy IO load "*
*Can anybody can help me regarding this issue.....*

Thanks & Regards
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