[Lustre-discuss] Recommended failover software for Lustre

Christopher J.Walker C.J.Walker at qmul.ac.uk
Mon Jul 16 04:23:15 PDT 2012

The "configuring failover" section in the Whamcloud release of the
Lustre manual seems rather out of date:


The Oracle release says much the same thing:

In section 11.1.1 "Power management software", it says:

"For more information about PowerMan, go to:

Which no longer exists. It should probably point at

Then in section 11.2. "Setting up High-Availability (HA) Software with
Lustre" it mentions "Red Hat Cluster Manager"  and "Pacemaker".

"Red Hat Cluster Manager" points to

which says "In comparison with other HA solutions, RedHat Cluster as in
RHEL 5.5 is an old HA solution. We recommend using other HA solutions
like Pacemaker, if possible. "

The pacemaker link:

Although the title of this is "Using Pacemaker with Lustre", it starts
off by saying "In modern clusters, OpenAIS, or more specifically, its
communication stack corosync, is used for this task".

In summary:

1) The manual could do with some updating here.

2) I suspect I should be using corosync.


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