[Lustre-discuss] Whamcloud/Intel Announcement

Brent Gorda bgorda at whamcloud.com
Mon Jul 16 11:27:05 PDT 2012

In my haste to inform the community of the Whamcloud acquisition by Intel, I did not give credit to the European Open File System (EOFS) for their role.  I apologize for this omission and wish to highlight the importance of EOFS.  

EOFS has had, and continues to have, a strong unifying role in the community.  Their leadership in the community has been a critical factor in the resurgence of Lustre in the past two years.  Together with OpenSFS, they have worked to bring the Lustre worldwide community to one place and to support the developers & maintainers.

We brought the entire Whamcloud team to Intel.  Our commitment to the entire Lustre community and ecosystem remains unchanged, including participating in and supporting the community organizations.

Brent Gorda
GM, High Performance Data Division

=================== Corrected note follows:

From: Brent Gorda and Eric Barton
Subject: Whamcloud/Intel Announcement

When we started Whamcloud two years ago, we set out on a journey to embrace a key technology that we believed in and that the HPC community depended upon. We felt so strongly about this that without hesitation we quit our jobs and jumped in with both feet.

Our founding principles included a deep commitment to the continued development of the Lustre community through an open, multi-vendor tree.  We pledged to treat our customers as we would want to be treated in their position. We also pledged to treat our employees with fairness and respect and to build an exemplary distributed work environment in which an incredibly talented team could thrive.

Upholding these commitments has paid off handsomely for Lustre over the last two years. With the support of a thriving community, Lustre is quickly becoming the preferred solution. And, with the help of OpenSFS and the European Open File System (EOFS), we are continuing our commitment of supporting all vendors with a single tree to drive the growth of the Lustre ecosystem.

We could not be more proud of what we have accomplished and for the culture we have built at Whamcloud. Looking ahead, we see an even greater opportunity to expand Lustre’s success and to push this technology to even higher levels.

With this as our goal, today we have closed a transaction with Intel to acquire Whamcloud. Intel is committed to enabling open, multi-vendor solutions like Lustre and is excited to be working with our team to advance the success of Lustre. Whamcloud’s Lustre expertise complements Intel’s existing capabilities in compute, storage, interconnects, management, and security. In turn, Intel will accelerate Lustre’s leadership in HPC and extend it to the Cloud and Enterprise IT.

We remain firmly committed to our founding principles and to serving the Lustre community. And we feel strongly that, together with Intel, we will enable Lustre to reach for the stars.  

Brent Gorda                                       Eric Barton
General Manager                             Lead Architect
             High Performance Data Division

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