[Lustre-discuss] Object index

Rappleye, Jason (ARC-TN)[Computer Sciences Corporation] jason.rappleye at nasa.gov
Tue Jul 24 11:18:11 PDT 2012

On 7/24/12 11:10 AM, "Daniel Kobras" <kobras at linux.de> wrote:

>> -Some of them have good results, and the man page says that
>> "For objects with MDT parent sequence numbers above 0x200000000, this
>>indicates that the FID needs to be mapped via the
>> MDT Object Index (OI) file on the MDT".
>> How do I do this mapping? I found some iam utilities but they do not
>>seems to be ok, and I'm afraid IAM userspace code
>> has been deactivated.
>lfs fid2path (on any client) should do what you're looking for.

Unfortunately that doesn't work for files created prior to Lustre 2.0, or
files with components of their path created before Lustre 2.0,  The link
EA is missing from the MDT inode of such files, which is what fid2path
appears to use. This was a real bummer for us, and I'd love for someone to
tell me that I'm wrong. Please?


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