[Lustre-discuss] 2.2.0 can't mount via tcp?

Michael Di Domenico mdidomenico4 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 11:01:07 PDT 2012

I've setup a new lustre system using 2.2.0-RC2 on Rhel6 with
infiniband (distro version).  Everything seems to be working okay.
However, i tried to mount my first machine via TCP only (no ib card
present).  I can lctl ping the MGS/MDT/OST nodes, but can't mount

here's a snipped version of the error log from the client (no output
comes out on the mds)

can't add initial connection
setup data1-mdt0000-mdc-ffff88013991e00 failed (-2)
Err -2 on cfg command: lustre cmd=cf003 0:data1-mdt0000-dc
1:data1-mdt0000_uuid 2: at o2ib
mgc192.168.1.28:tcp: the configuration from log 'data1-client' failed (-2)
unable to process logs: -2
device 3 not setup
got rc -108 from cancel rpc: canceling anyway

i see in the third line that it references o2ib, but i don't see why
it should, the client has no IB card and when i created the MGS/MDT
filesystems, i specified the NIDS of both the TCP and O2IB

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