[Lustre-discuss] Could "Client & MGS" or "Client & OSS" running at one node together?

Carlos Thomaz cthomaz at ddn.com
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it's VERY unusual.
Usually the MGS and MDS are deployed in the same server or same HA Pair.
Leave the OSS servers alone as well the clients.

Honestly I've never seen this before, but remember that you have to have the MGS up and running before even start configuring or bringing up the MDS and OSSs. If for some reasons you have to reboot, let's say a client where the MGS is, you may get into all sort of problems. Again, this is very odd and won't buy you anything.

Why don't you just install the MGS and MDS in the same server/HA pair? It's a straight forward configuration and will help you manage your environment better.


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Subject: [Lustre-discuss] Could "Client & MGS" or "Client & OSS" running at one node together?

Dear all,

Since there is no more node in our project when using Lustre, I want to confirm that:

1) Could the "Client" and "MGS" run at one node together? or could "Client" and "OSS" run at one node together?

2) Suppose I had deployed them at one node, what potential shortcomings or harm are there?

I am newbie for Lustre file system, please forgive my simple questions. Feel free to share your opinions, many thanks.

Zheng Feng

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