[Lustre-discuss] whamcloud rpms and snmp

Andreas Dilger adilger at whamcloud.com
Mon May 21 19:20:04 PDT 2012

There is Lustre SNMP support in the source, but it isn't built by default. I heard at LUG that there were some users of this code, so in theory it is still working reasonably. 

Cheers, Andreas

On 2012-05-21, at 12:05, "Andrus, Brian Contractor" <bdandrus at nps.edu> wrote:

> All,
> Not sure if it is in there, but are the prebuilt client rpms able to work with snmp such that lustre mounts will show up in hrStorage (.
> Right now, it seems to only show Fixed and Network disks. I would think anything with type lustre would show up as a Network disk, but nothing at all.
> They do show up under the OID for dsk if I add them to the snmpd.conf file on the client but it would be nice if they were part of the standard hrStorage OID.
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