[Lustre-discuss] help with lnet routing

Frank Riley fhr at rincon.com
Wed May 23 15:08:47 PDT 2012

An update... the configuration below is almost working. I can ping everywhere except the client cannot ping the router. In other words, the tcp client can ping other nodes on o2ib, o2ib nodes (including the router nodes) can ping the tcp clients. The tcp client can ping the tcp side of the routers. It's just the tcp client cannot ping either of the o2ib side of the routers. What would cause this?

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> I'm trying to set up lnet routing for our system, and it's a bit unique. I'm not
> sure how to do it. I am trying to route from workstation clients to the internal
> infiniband network of the cluster. Here is the setup:
> Lustre router:
> ib0
> eth1
> Client
> eth0
> For non-Lustre tcp on the client, addresses  on eth0 route
> through
> My lustre lnet config is as follows:
> options lnet ip2nets="o2ib 192.168.20.*; tcp(eth1) 10.1.4.*; tcp(eth0)
> 10.1.*.*" \
>          routes="tcp at o2ib; o2ib at tcp"
> This of course isn't working. From the router, I can lctl ping at tcp,
> but the client cannot ping the router. I'm guessing the routing from
> to is causing the problem, but I don't know how to
> make it work. Any suggestions?
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