[Lustre-discuss] [wc-discuss] Seeking contributors for Lustre User Manual

Nathan Rutman nathan_rutman at xyratex.com
Tue Nov 13 11:48:35 PST 2012

Would it be easier to move the manual back to a Wiki?  The low hassle factor of wikis has always been a draw for contribution.  The openSFS site is up and running with MediaWiki now (wiki.opensfs.org).

On Nov 9, 2012, at 4:09 PM, "Dilger, Andreas" <andreas.dilger at intel.com> wrote:

> In hopes of improving the quality, coverage, and currency of the Lustre
> User Manual, I'm putting out a call to the Lustre community for
> contributors to this important resource.
> The user manual is especially important for new users to Lustre, but has
> fallen into some disrepair now that there is no longer a dedicated
> documentation writer for it.  As well, there are many sections of the
> manual that have become outdated over the years (such as example output,
> command descriptions, etc) that need to be refreshed.
> The Lustre User Manual is also a component of Lustre that has a much
> larger pool of potential contributors than the code itself.  If you want
> to contribute to Lustre, but are not able to contribute with patches to
> the code, then this is a great opportunity to help out.  If you benefit
> from the open source development of Lustre, then contributing to the
> manual is a chance to return something back to the community.  The Lustre
> Manual is released under a Creative Commons license, so it is open to all
> of us to improve.
> While there is not currently a "todo" list for the areas of the manual
> that need updating, looking through open LUDOC tickets is one option:
> http://bugs.whamcloud.com/secure/QuickSearch.jspa?searchString=LUDOC%20open
> There are a number of existing documentation tickets for features that are
> under development for the Lustre 2.4 release (for which we expect to be
> completed internally), but there are also some tickets from users pointing
> out errors in the document that need to be fixed.
> Another way to improve the manual is to simply fetch the manual and read
> some section at random that you are either interested in, or have some
> knowledge about, and see if any of the text is confusing, outdated, or
> incorrect and needs to be updated.
> The PDF and HTML versions of the current manual are available at:
>    http://wiki.whamcloud.com/display/PUB/Documentation
> The manual source is hosted in a Git/Gerrit repository in Docbook XML
> format and can be downloaded at:
>    git clone http://git.whamcloud.com/doc/manual lustre-manual
> An account in Gerrit is required to download the manual and submit patches.
> There are some wiki pages that describe the process and packages needed to
> modify, build, and submit patches to the manual:
> http://wiki.whamcloud.com/display/PUB/Making+changes+to+the+Lustre+Manual
> Cheers, Andreas
> --
> Andreas Dilger
> Lustre Software Architect
> Intel Corporation

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