[Lustre-discuss] lustre_rsync and verbose output of changed files?

Fourie Joubert fourie.joubert at up.ac.za
Thu Sep 27 04:27:27 PDT 2012


I need to back up a Lustre filesystem using TSM, and am trying to find a 
way to generate a list of changed files from the Lustre changelogs, so 
that I can pass this list to dsmc to backup only the specified files 
(rather than having TSM traverse the filesystem to scan for changes).

It seems like one way to potentially do this, is to run lustre_rsync 
using the --dry-run option, and get a list of the files that 
lustre_rsync would have copied, and then pass these to dsmc as a filelist.

The lustre_rsync documentation says that --dry-run "Shows the output of 
lustre_rsync commands (copy, mkdir, etc.) on the target file system 
without actually executing them."

When I test lustre_rsync with --dry-run and --verbose, the statuslog 
file is correctly updated, but I can't get it to show the commands that 
would have taken place during a sync - nothing like that is printed to 
the screen.

Any advice for generating a list of changed files would be highly 

Best regards!


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