[Lustre-discuss] Regarding Lustre as a backend storage

linux freaker linuxfreaker at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 22:23:33 PDT 2013

I have 1 MDS, 2 OSS with 6 OSTs each and 4 Lustre Client. I have  Hadoop
setup with 1 Namenode and 3 datanode running on lustre clients. While I
have 18GB input data in the form of many small files for wordcount, it took
1 hour time (striping: -1).
I have been running this on Ethernet. I have ordered for Infiniband QDR
 which will reach in 2 weeks time.

Anyone who tried it with Infiniband. What time it get reduce if I use
infiniband switch and cable instead of Ethernet. Roughly how much lesser
time and efficient it shows with Infiniband. Please do share your
experience if you have used infiniband.
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