[Lustre-discuss] Lustre 1.8 on SLES11 SP2

Dilger, Andreas andreas.dilger at intel.com
Tue Aug 6 16:31:29 PDT 2013

On 2013/08/05 12:28 PM, "Mohr Jr, Richard Frank (Rick Mohr)"
<rmohr at utk.edu> wrote:

>I know that the official Lustre support matrix does not show support for
>Lustre 1.8 on SLES 11 SP2, but I was wondering if anyone has had
>"unofficial" success making this work?
>Probably a long shot, but just thought I would ask...

This would need a large number of patches on the client to work with the
3.0 kernel
that SLES is using for SP2.  There were large VFS changes in Linux 2.6.38,
and that
is just too much risk to add to Lustre 1.8.  It is sad that SLES is
changing the
kernel version in an "Service Pack" release, unlike RHEL which keeps the
same major
kernel version (2.6.32) for all RHEL6.x releases.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

Lustre Software Architect
Intel High Performance Data Division

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