[Lustre-discuss] Known working 1.8.x client mouting 2.x server combinations?

Jeff Johnson jeff.johnson at aeoncomputing.com
Wed Aug 7 11:15:08 PDT 2013


Is there a table of known stable client to server combinations for a 1.8.x
client to mount a 2.x LFS?

I'm assisting a group trying to mount two LFSs, one is a 1.8.7 LFS and the
other is a 2.1.6 LFS. The client access is over tcp (10GbE).

I installed the latest 1.8.9 lustre-client for CentOS6 on a test client. I
am able to mount the 1.8.7 LFS with no problem. If I umount the 1.8.7 LFS
and mount the 2.1.6 LFS the client machine deadlocks instantly. No error
messages, after 2-3mins the workstation does a hardware reset. No log

The ultimate goal is being able to mount both the 1.8.7 and 2.1.6 LFSs
simultaneously from the clients over tcp.

I understand that "newer server code is friendlier to older client code"
but how new? 2.1.x tree or do I have to be in 2.3 tree to get this ability?


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