[Lustre-discuss] Upgrading OSS and MDS from 1.6 to 2.5

Phill Harvey-Smith p.harvey-smith at warwick.ac.uk
Thu Aug 8 06:44:26 PDT 2013

On 07/08/2013 14:39, Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> Are there any gotyas that I need to be aware of in upgrading our OSS and
> MDS servers to the latest 2.5 Lustre version, will all the clients need
> to be updated at the same time ?

I've just checked and the OSS & MDS are actually running 2.1, so would 
that make things any easier ?

Sorry about the vagueness as I said in another post I inherited this 
system so was not sure of which versions where running.



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