[Lustre-discuss] Quotas on Lustre File system

Amjad Syed amjadcsu at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 23:22:07 PDT 2013


I am a newbie to Lustre File system.
In out data centre we have 2 Lustre file systems (small 40TB an larger 200
We using our Lustre File system to perform I/O for Life sciences and
bioinformatics applications.

The vendor has decided to mount home directories on smaller lustre file
system (40TB) and also installed bioinformatics applications on this
smaller Lustre FS.

The larger Lustre FS will only have large data sets used by end users.

The question  on smaller Lustre FS we are planning to implement quotas for
end users having limit on home directories 10GB.

Is using "lquota" the only way or can we also use traditional Linux method
of adding "usrquota" in /etc/fstab?

If both methods can be used what are pros and cons of each method?

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