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How you autenticate your clients? ldap, local user? Maybe you must test “echo NONE > /proc/fs/lustre/mdt/<your_filesystemname>-MDT0000/identity_upcall”. This sentence avoid the MDS know the uid:gid clients.

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I have Lustre 2.3 mdt/ost and clients.

I have the lustre fs mounted as /home on the client. The client has cPanel/WHM running which is used to manage the server. Now there are 2 odd things happening.

1. Any user's home directory if it's on the /home lustre mounted partition I can't login to it via SSH using RSA keys. 

2. I can't add any account using cPanel/WHM, I get permission denied errors:
Copying skel files from /root/cpanel3-skel/ to /home/sstest/...tar: ./public_ftp: Cannot mkdir: Permission denied
tar: ./public_html: Cannot mkdir: Permission denied
tar: .: Cannot utime: Permission denied
tar: .: Cannot change mode to rwxr-xr-x: Permission denied
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

When /home is not lustre mounted it works just fine.

One other odd thing is that I could add an account via WHM fine yesterday with the lustrefs mounted as /home but it no longer works for unknown reasons.

I get no errors in the logs on mdt/ost.

I mounted the lustre fs like this:
mount -t lustre -o user_xattr,flock mdt at tcp:/lustrefs /home

Am I missing something?

Please help

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