[Lustre-discuss] OSTs not activating following MGS/MDS move

Patrick Shopbell pls at astro.caltech.edu
Tue Feb 26 07:43:47 PST 2013

Hello everyone,
I am having an odd problem here, on our small Lustre
installation. We have a single MGS/MDS and 3 OSS's with
7 OSTs total. I just tried moving the MDS/MGS to a faster
machine, following the instructions in sections 17.3 and 17.4
of the Lustre manual: with the system offline, I mounted
the file systems as "ldiskfs" and then used the Lustre tar
command to make a copy of everything. I checked a bunch of the
xattrs - all looked to match fine.

Finally, I reset the system configs on the MDS/MGS with:

> tunefs.lustre --writeconf /dev/md126

and on the OSSs with something like:

> tunefs.lustre --writeconf /dev/sdb
> tunefs.lustre --erase-param --mgsnode= at tcp --index=0 --writeconf /dev/sdb

where I kept the indices the same as in my original setup.

I can now mount the MGS/MDS, and then mount the OSTs. However,
I get these three errors on the MGS, when an OST mounts:

Feb 25 22:38:38 yupana kernel: LustreError: 3636:0:(lov_log.c:155:lov_llog_origin_connect()) error osc_llog_connect tgt 6 (-107)
Feb 25 22:38:38 yupana kernel: LustreError: 3636:0:(mds_lov.c:873:__mds_lov_synchronize()) lustre-OST0006_UUID failed at llog_origin_connect: -107
Feb 25 22:38:38 yupana kernel: LustreError: 3636:0:(mds_lov.c:903:__mds_lov_synchronize()) lustre-OST0006_UUID sync failed -107, deactivating

And when I run 'lctl dl', the OSTs are apparently all inactive:

 5 IN osc lustre-OST0000-osc-MDT0000 lustre-MDT0000-mdtlov_UUID 5

Any ideas what I need to do to activate these? I am running
Lustre 2.3 on all nodes. I can see the file system on a client
and, it seems like, read files, but I cannot create any new
files, presumably because the OSTs are not active.

Thanks for your suggestions,

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