[Lustre-discuss] is Luster ready for prime time?

greg whynott greg.whynott at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 09:17:35 PST 2013


just signed up today, please forgive me if this question has been covered
recently.  - in a bit of a rush to get an answer on this as we need to make
a decision soon,  the idea of using luster was thrown into the mix very
late in the decision making process.

We are looking to procure a new storage solution which will predominately
be used for HPC output but will also be used as our main business centric
storage for day to day use.  Meaning the file system needs to be available
24/7/365.    The last time I was involved in considering Luster was about 6
years ago and it was at that time being considered for scratch space for
HPC usage only.

Our VMs and databases would remain on non-luster storage as we already have
that in place and it works well.    The luster file system potentially
would have everything else.  Projects we work on typically take up to 2
years to complete and during that time we would want all assets to remain
on the file system.

Some of the vendors on our short list include HDS(Blue Arc), Isilon and
NetApp.    Last week we started bouncing the idea of using Luster around.
I'd love to use it if it is considered stable enough to do so.

your thoughts and/or comments would be greatly appreciated.  thanks for
your time.

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