[Lustre-discuss] LNET over multiple NICs

Sébastien Buisson sebastien.buisson at bull.net
Thu Jan 24 08:29:00 PST 2013


Le 23/01/2013 14:10, Alexander Oltu a écrit :
> So I wonder how do you export your Lustre through multi-rail?

In our particular configuration, we have 2 Infiniband interfaces per 
server, so 2 LNET networks, say o2ib0 and o2ib1.
For the routing, we dedicated half of the routers' IB interfaces to the 
routing of o2ib0 to the outside, and the other half to the routing of 
o2ib1 to the outside.
That way, we comply with the limitation of having routers on the same 
network if they serve the same routing purpose.

In your case, I think it would mean:
routes="gni0 xxx.xxx.110.xxx at tcp0 \
         gni1 xxx.xxx.111.xxx at tcp1"


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