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Worth noting – unless your IO requirements are quite strict, in most cases you won't need a large number of striping policies.
The 'best' stripe for any large IO task is usually dependent on the particular hardware/network/workload involved. If you are saturating part of the system, such as network or client, then adding stripes won't increase IO, so the largest useful stripe size can usually be determined by creating bigger and bigger stripes, then measuring where the performance plateaus.  Generally most people get by with two policies,  A single-stripe area, for small files, and a larger-stripe where the size of the stripe is determined by best IO performance on that specific hardware.

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Thanks mate, what you say makes sense. Anyway I`m dealing with different file sizes, varying from KBs to GBs. Luckily some of the files are grouped in folders, for example in folder /fs/X all files will be 9MB, which I`ll not stripe. In /fs/Y all files will be GBs, which I`ll stripe among all OSTs. I guess the problem now is to figure out the optimal stripe size/stripe count for the files in the range from a couple of hundreds of MBs to GB .... on top of that, what I said about files with similar size being put in their own directory might not always be true ..... Unfortunately I cant "teach"  users to think before they generate their files.


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With a 1MB default stripe size, anything that is <1 MB is a "small" file.  In general, I would not stripe 10MB files across more than one OST (each).


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> Hello again guys,
> I constantly read about that Lustre is not very good with "small files". However, there is no definition of small file in Lustre point of view. Would you be able to draw some borders on what is considered to be a small file ,  for example is a 10 MB considered a small file, and should a directory holding such files be striped on few OSTs, and should it be striped at all.
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