[Lustre-discuss] Metadata inodes considerations

Nikolay Kvetsinski nkvecinski at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 05:19:21 PDT 2013

Hello, I have a  question about metadata inodes considerations, in the
manual says that Lustre metadata is typically 1-2 % of the file system
capacity depending upon file size. After that there are some calculations
 for average file size of 5 MB and file system size of 100 TB. And the
total space for inodes is 80 GB. Do I get it right : 2 % of 100 TB is 2 TB
for metadata target. From theese 2 TB, 80 GB will be used for inodes ??
 And if I have 1 PB file system,  20 TB for MTD, 800 GB of which for inodes

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