[Lustre-discuss] OSS misconfig and client connect

James Robnett jrobnett at aoc.nrao.edu
Wed Jul 31 10:37:38 PDT 2013

I'm now suspicious that I need to unmount all the OSSes (for
correctness), unmount the MDS and run

tunefs.lustre --writeconf /dev/md0

on it to clear the logs and then remount.

Note we have a combined MDS/MGS.


> On 07/31/2013 09:55 AM, James Robnett wrote:
>> We're running Lustre 1.8.7 on clients and servers.
>> We recently added an 11th OSS to our lustre filesystem with 4 OSTs,
>> unfortunately the modprobe.conf LNET line only listed an o2ib0(ib0)
>> entry from testing, normally the line would look like:
>> options lnet networks="o2ib0(ib0),tcp0(eth0),tcp1(eth2)"
>> for IB, Gbit and 10Gbit respectively.
>> As soon as the new OSTs on the 11th OSS were mounted and activated
>> our 1gbit and 10gbit clients kernel panic'd, IB clients were fine.
>> 1gbt and 10gbit clients would refuse to mount lustre after that
>> since they couldn't get to the OSS.
>> I unmounted the OSTs on that OSS, fixed the modprobe.conf line,
>> rebooted, and ran
>> tunefs.lustre --erase-param
>> --mgsnode=<ibaddr>@o2ib0,<gbitaddr>@tcp0,<10gbitaddr>@tcp1 --writeconf
>> /dev/sd{b,c,d,e}
>> Where <xxxaddr> is the appropriate IP address.
>> That seemed to complete without issue and tunefs reports:
>> Parameters:
>> mgsnode=<ibaddr>@o2ib0,<gbitaddr>@tcp0,<10gbitaddr>@tcp1
>> as expected.
>> Unfortunately 1gbit and 10gbit clients still refuse to mount lustre.
>> mount.lustre: mount <ipaddr>@tcp0:/lustre at /.lustre/mountpoint failed:
>> No such file or directory
>> Is the MGS specification correct?
>> Is the filesystem name correct?
>> If upgrading, is the copied client log valid? (see upgrade docs)
>> The OSS can ping clients on the 1gbit and 10gbit networks so routing
>> and networking is fine.
>> I'm sure I'm simply panicked and missing something obvious.  What
>> is the proper procedure to fix this mess.  I thought the tunefs.lustre
>> would do it but it has not.
>> James Robnett
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