[Lustre-discuss] [HPDD-discuss] Unable to move MDS using procedure in the manual

Christopher J. Morrone morrone2 at llnl.gov
Tue Jun 4 11:17:51 PDT 2013

On 06/04/2013 11:10 AM, Ken Hornstein wrote:
>> Which version of Lustre is this? File based backup / restore does not work
>> in 2.x. OI scrub which rebuilds the object index is available from Lustre
>> 2.3 onwards. So file based backup / restore will work from 2.3 onwards.
> Well, crud.  I guess that's what Colin was going to tell me, and I see
> Andreas said the same thing.
> So, this leads to a follow-up question: _where_ is latest and greatest
> Lustre manual?  I used the one labelled 2.0 here:
> http://wiki.lustre.org/manual/LustreManual20_HTML/LustreOperations.html

The portal for the most up to date information is now 
lustre.opensfs.org.  The "Documentation" tab at the top will have links 
for the latest manual.  I do see a note about OI Scrub being added in 
2.3 in that manual.  I only browsed, so I'm not sure if the information 
is _enough_ for your needs.  But if it isn't, you can open an LUDOC bug 
to let folks know that it needs to be expanded.


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