[Lustre-discuss] lctl --device XX deactivate doesn't make OST read only

Alastair Ferguson aferguson at cmcrc.com
Mon Jun 17 00:12:17 PDT 2013

OK, bit of a weird one, so 3 OSTs are 100%, but there is 30TB of free space around the other OSTs, so I do:

lfs df -h

Get this part as one of the OSTs I need to deactivate:

AC3-OST000c_UUID           14.3T       13.6T       87.4M 100% /data[OST:12]


lctl dl

 19 UP osc AC3-OST000c-osc AC3-mdtlov_UUID 5


lctl --device 19 deactivate


lctl dl:

 19 IN osc AC3-OST000c-osc AC3-mdtlov_UUID 5

Should be read only right>>?


lfs getstripe -O AC3-OST000c_UUID -rv -d /data | grep /data >> ost000c_raw.txt

To find the files in the filesystem (/data) and strip out all the stuff you don't need.


while read line; do cp -p "$line" "$line.___bak"; rm -f "$line"; mv "$line.___bak" "$line";  done < ost000c_raw.txt

This should move the data off the OST but it doesn't. I have used this procedure before to remove data from a whole server (which worked) and I can see when I  lfs df -h the ost emptying but in this case it goes up and down suggesting it is copying BACK to the same OST despite the fact it is IN not UP when lctl dl is run.

How can I get files off this as I get errors spaying no space on device??

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