[Lustre-discuss] lustre-tests and lustre-iokit

White, Cliff cliff.white at intel.com
Thu Jun 20 16:58:58 PDT 2013

Lustre-tests contains all the scripts that are used to test the Lustre code base. Very low-level stuff. It is in a separate RPM, as most users have no need of it. It will create /usr/lib64/lustre/tests.
Lustre-iokit is a set of shell scripts that are used to test a Lustre file system for performance, there is a set of scripts that can be used to benchmark your hardware and benchmark the hardware and various Lustre layers. The iokit scripts are not tied to a specific Lustre release. I would get the iokit from http://downloads.whamcloud.com/public/lustre/lustre-2.4.0/el6/server/RPMS/x86_64/ - that version has a few more improvements. (lustre-iokit-1.4.0-1.noarch.rpm<http://downloads.whamcloud.com/public/lustre/lustre-2.4.0/el6/server/RPMS/x86_64/lustre-iokit-1.4.0-1.noarch.rpm>)

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Subject: [Lustre-discuss] lustre-tests and lustre-iokit


What are differences between lustre-tests and lustre-iokit?

By the way, I am using Lustre 2.1.5 (latest stable), but I can’t find the lustre-iokit rpm for lustre 2.1.5.

There is an rpm file lusrtre-iokit-1.4.0.noarch.rpm for lustre 2.2.0
Can I use it for lustre 2.1.5?


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