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Subject: Re: [Lustre-discuss] Using NFS to mount lustre

Thanks for the pointer.

Just a quick question, will the performance suffer since we have to add another NFS layer to the lustre client?

To be clear, you cannot export Lustre via NFS from Lustre servers. You re-export the Lustre filesystem from a Lustre client node.
Essentially, you turn one client into an NFS server.
So, the bottleneck in performance is that all NFS traffic must come from that node, and you are limited to the single-node network bandwidth, instead of streaming parallel IO from all servers with the native Lustre client.  In a small setup such as you describe you will likely not see any performance impact.


On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 4:07 PM, Parinay Kondekar <parinay_kondekar at xyratex.com<mailto:parinay_kondekar at xyratex.com>> wrote:
Lustre files can be re-exported using NFS .

>From the presentation by Oleg in Lug-2008 ( http://wiki.lustre.org/images/d/da/LUG08-Lustre-NFS.pdf )

Lustre is a normal local fs from NFS perspective Just add an entry to /etc/export on lustre client/NFS server

give it try.

Hope that helps.

On 21 June 2013 09:27, Teik Hooi Beh <thbeh at thbeh.com<mailto:thbeh at thbeh.com>> wrote:

I have just recently started to test Lustre and even with a small 2 nodes deployment, I find the performance is outstanding on 1Gb networking.

I was trying to search through the list for anything that could help me to mount using NFS protocol but could not find anything.

Is that possible or have anyone done that before? I am in particular interested if anyone have use Lustre with VMware. I am currently testing on 2.1.5.

Thanks in advance.


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