[Lustre-discuss] wrong Lustre quota reported for a user

Grigory Shamov gas5x at yahoo.com
Wed May 1 12:29:47 PDT 2013

Dear  Lustre Experts,

On our cluster, that has Lustre 1.8.7 (server, DDN build) and 1.8.9 (clients,  WC build) we have found an issue with Lustre reporting incorrect FS usage stats for at least one of the users. The  Lustre quota is not enforced but used to account for the usage only. 

The problem is for this user:

lfs quota -u auser /global/scratch

Disk quotas for user auser (uid AID):
     Filesystem  kbytes   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit
/global/scratch 3970579340       0       0       -    5487       0       0

But then, the user does not have any files there, he cleaned up
everything.  "lfs find -u auser /global/scratch" seems not to find these
5487 files either.

Could you please suggest what could be the reason, how dangerous it is
(are we in for some more FS corruption?) and how do we fix it?  Thanks!

Grigory Shamov
HPC Analyst, 
Westgrid/University of Manitoba

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